I'm Adrien LENOIRE
Information Systems Manager

Looking for new opportunities


You can find here details about me, my experiences and the skills I had the chance to acquire through the years.

Main assets




This is not an issue for me to acknowledge divergent opinion. Each opportunity is a great occasion to learn and make my work environment evolve !




I'm highly attached to work quality, rigorous and efficient.




I can easily adapt to any context, learning and questioning aren't a hurdle to me.

My Profile


Hello, I'm Adrien LENOIRE.

Enthusiast, diplomat, rigorous and pedagogue, i'm evolving in the IT field since my younger age. I can easily adapt to any situation and I am determined to give the best out of me at any moment.

Currently working as Information System Manager in Entreprises Franque's group, I am looking for new professional opportunities.

I take part in any project linked to Information Systems (Business, Infrastructure, Development, Digitization). I ensure the company's Information System integrity on a daily basis : deploying supervision tools, computer infrastructure renewing, but also taking part to ERP migration project. I am carrying out a permanent technological watch, which makes me able to be up to date on the latest technological breakthrough. I take part in carve in operation, integrating external companies' Information System and carry out necessary actions to ensure the Information System security in a context of increased computer attacks.

Computer systems

Having started as a self-taught before strengthening my skills during studies, I am willing, dynamic and able to adapt to any situation. Alone or in a team, my main goal is always to be able to avolve, reaching all company's goals.

My activities

Mes activités
Information System Governance Information System Governance
Mes activités
ERP Management ERP Management
Mes activités
Services digitization Services digitization
Mes activités
Technical and linguistic Technical and linguistic
Mes activités
Project management Project management
Mes activités
Information System securing Information System securing

Technical Skills


Windows is the most-used operating system over the world. It's important to be able to keep this system under control.


Linux-based operating systems are a significant part of IT infrastructure in companies, mainly on the server part.

Cloud and Virtualization

Virtualization, containerization and also cloud, these technologies make you able to enforce on-demand IT.


Because data is an essential element of a company, it is needed to ensure data availability, accessibility and fiability through databases deployment.

Network and security

Without network, IT as we know it wouldn't exist, so we have to ensure both security and having a well oiled system in an increase of hacking attempts context.


Being firstly self-taught in the development field makes me able to easily understand the logic and gives me the hindsight that permits a fast and easy analysis of a development project.



  • August 2019 - Today

    IS Manager - Entreprises Franque

    Full Time, Loos, 200 employees

    Reporting to the group’s President, I ensure information system’s continuity and integrity. I organize the IT service deploying governance instruments, blueprint and KPIs, I ensure IT service staff management and recruitment. I’m leading digitization and Information System’s evolution projects, from analysis and qualification of needs to the deployment of new digital tools. Reporting to the company’s management committee, I am leading an ERP migration project, from specification to deployment of the new system.

  • September 2022 - Today

    Instructor and Jury member

    Lille's Campus - From 8 to 120 students

    I create and provide IT trainings to groups of students at a 2-4 years post-secondary education level. I am also member of jury boards from 2 to 5 years post-secondary education examination level.

  • September 2017 - September 2022

    IT and Information System Expert

    EPSI's Lille campus, Baccalaureate+5

    ERP Management option
    Artificial Intelligence speciality

    Sysops Designer-Integrator — July 2020

    Professional Qualification : Systems, Networks and Databases Administrator — July 2020

    BTS SIO Infrastructure, Systems and Network solutions — July 2017, Region's best results

  • January 2019 - March 2019

    Systems and Networks Architect - Eurotunnel

    Internship, Calais

    Member of the Architecture team, I take part in IT infrastructure overhaul project. I assist the IS manager in a network segmentation project and take part in the automation of IS security tasks.

  • May 2018 - August 2018

    Systems and Networks Administrator - ALPA Group

    Internship and fixed-term contract, Paris/Orléans

    Reporting to Chief Information Officer, I take part in a new production site’s integration to the group through firewall and business software configuration. I design and deploy an archiving system that enables secured data outsourcing to the cloud. I secure the Information System in a scientific analysis laboratory’s context.

  • January 2018 - August 2018

    Integrator – Web Developper

    C'est une belle leçon, Lille

    During my studies, I realize an open and customizable web site in collaboration
    with a graphist. – cestunebelleleçon.com

  • January 2013 - January 2018

    Manager - No Skill No Frag

    Online community, 5000 members

    Member of the No Skill No Frag community, I moved up to the manager position, I have supervised a community animators composed of 30 to 60 persons. I take part in the infrastucture's management working on Linux operating system. I'm also taking part in specific development as well on the game than on the website side. I facilitate meetings, take par in recruitement processes and I train new animators.

  • July 2017

    Scientific Baccalaureate

    La Malassise High School - European Very Well Mention

    Engineer Sciences option
    IT and Digital Sciences speciality